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westcoasteuro is a fresh approach to club remixes connecting
global sensitivities from cali to bali. blending emotionally infectious beats and vocal hooks laced in the csm words and music signature of funky layered electronica, trance & deep progressive house.

real musicians playing real instruments, bent upon pushing
the limits of advanced recording technology prevalent in
today & tomorrow’s modern music production.

we are the originator of the electronic dance
music (edm) brand westcoasteuro.
our travels to europe several times a year ignited a new
level of consciousness in the genre of electronic dance
music (edm). edm is an explosive soundtrack pulsating
in clubs, retail outlets, tv & film and commercials.
edm radiates youth and drives brands forward.

hearing and seeing the masters at work...netherland’s
armin van buren, germany’s tallah, uk’s chamberlain,
israel’s infected mushroom and gaining awareness
and respect for the deep pool of global dj remixers
impacted our creative spin on edm.

what we seek to contribute to the mix is adding our signature inside a rich environment of vocal production and live musicians blazing on layered grooves & track programming.

singers delivering performances of verses and hooks in english. players throwing down a feel reminiscent of james brown, prince, sly stone...honing their crafty ideas, improvisations and talents inside blazing edm beats. this cross pollination of edm influence, song crafting and artistic expression gave birth
to our signature stamp westcoasteuro.