somebody’s someone someday
sondheim / dean
words and music ©bmi all rights reserved

got it together when the last one left
i cried out every tear
found strength goin' face to face
with loneliness and fear

i gotta find some love
it is sent from above
does heaven work it out
maybe god'll gimme a shout
i'm askin' on my knees

(can i be) somebody's someone someday
lemme tell the truth
bein' all alone
hurts in every way

never felt pain so deep
lastin' way too long
better not be here for good
that would feel so wrong

somebody's someone someday
empty moments pass
hope it happens fast
i just need some love

i never knew how dark my heart could go
makin' me believe that nobody cares about me

can i get a sign from the skies above
can't 'cha hear me cry that i need some love
every minute's sad hey it's hurtin' bad
i'm askin' on my knees

somebody’s someone someday / csm