i believe in you
sondheim / dean
words and music ©bmi all rights reserved

this is an anthem against all the haters.
the waste of energy complainers and every low life drainer.
baby don't let 'em touch you, hurt you or ever discourage you.
'cuz every of minute of every day i'll be right by your side,
inside your mind. listen to me. you're not alone this time.

i feel so bad for what happened
every child needs love
i didn't know you back then
sorry it was so tough

but you can put hurt behind
empty your heart, soul and mind
if some pain stays too long i know what's wrong
baby reach for my faith and move on

i believe in you
every word you say any kinda thought
all the dreams you got
whatever you do
i believe in you
right by your side inside your mind
i'm with you baby
all of the time

now that i got your attention
here's where it's at
keep your eyes facin' the future
don't ever look back

i believe in you / csm